ISA UK is a full service agency that provides project support to clients covering Construction, Property Development, Financing, Acquisition and Cost Engineering.

In today's competitive environment different facets of a development project must complement each other to ensure a high level of professionalism. Architectural quality is as important as cutting edge financing. Efficient structural deisgn is as important as a manageable maintenance cost. ISA UK responds to these different needs for each project and provides a tailored solution that matches client requirements.

ISA UK's core of professionals each contributes a specific expertise: cost engineering and quantity surveying, town planning and municipal financing, project management, property development, and land acquistion.

Our experts work across Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, co-ordinated by the UK office. Clients receive the best available professional for the job, with a pricing structure that reflects actual work, not unnecessary overheads.


Cost Engineering

ISA UK provides full Quantity Surveying services with costs structured to client requirements. Both the construction and maintenance costs are considered to calculate the Lifetime Cost of Ownership and develop the most competitive solution.

Project Management

The strength of ISA UK lies in our ability to offer and supply all aspects of the project execution and to build in feedback for accurate and timely reporting on cost, quality and delivery dates.

Land Acquisition

ISA UK also assits clients with Land Acquisition, including preliminary planning (zoning) permission, feasibility studies and investor appraisal to support sourcing finance.


ISA UK has been retained as an advisor for privatisation projects in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, mainly in the petrochemical and real estate sectors.

Architecture & Construction

ISA UK works across institutional and private clients working from retail units to bespoke house developments. ISA UK is an Approved and Retained Supplier of design services for Shell - a benchmark of our reputation and reliability.


ISA UK has been at the forefront of the recent development of PPP/PFI project financing in the countries of Central Europe, working with clients on the tendering of projects for consideration and approval.


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